School-age children are eligible for P-EBT 4.0 if they were:

  • Student free and reduced-price eligibility requirements:
    • Determined eligible in SY 2022-23 for free or reduced-price meals through meal application, alternative income form, direct certification, or designation as homeless, migrant or foster; or
    • Attended a school that participated in Provision 2 or the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP), regardless of individual student eligibility.
  • Independent Study (IS) criteria:
    • Missed in-person instruction through excused absences for five school days or more in a month, or
    • Eligible for P-EBT in SY 2021-22 due to enrollment in IS and continued to attend school through IS for 5 or more days in a month in SY 2022-23.

You DO NOT apply. P-EBT cards are automatically sent to eligible families based on information from other programs, including CalFresh Food benefits and free or reduced-price school meals.

For questions or more information, visit or call 877-328-9677 Monday – Friday 6 AM-8 PM.

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