Pre-Payments May be Made to Students’ Accounts Using the Following Methods:


  • Deposit funds to student accounts
  • Set up recurring payments
  • View your student’s account balance and transactions at any time
    • Even if you choose not to make a payment, you can create an account to monitor your student’s purchases and set low balance notifications

Payment at SCHOOL SITES (cash, credit card, check)

  • Fill out this form
  • Turn in at school office or cafeteria
  • Submit as needed, this is not a recurring payment
Breakfast Prices

FREE for All Students!

 $4.00 for Adult Breakfast

Lunch Prices

FREE for All Students!

$4.50 for Adult Lunch

For questions and inquiries regarding your child’s account please contact our Accounting Department:

     Julie Miller 949-234-9506

    Natalie Young 949-234-9507 


Per SB 265, the state of California requires school districts to feed any student who requests a meal, regardless of whether that student has money in their account.

If a student, excluding those students who qualify for free or reduced meals, does not have money to purchase their meal the following steps will be taken:

Students are able to charge reimbursable meals to their account. Only meals can be charged – no a la carte items can be charged.

Parents are made aware of their child’s delinquent account balance by:

  1. Weekly automated emails and phone calls to households
  2. Food and Nutrition Services may contact households by phone

**Please be sure the parent/guardian contact information at your child’s school site is up to date**

If a household is unable to pay for their child’s meal, they are strongly encouraged to apply for free and/or reduced meals. Applications are accepted at anytime throughout the year.

To set up account restrictions for your student, please contact our Accounting Department.

Please click here for the full Unpaid Meal Charge Policy.

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