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We accept Cash, Check or Credit Card

Update to K12’s recent convenience fee increase…

With the start of school, we have received lots of feedback regarding this change.  Much of the response that we received was that 3.99% is a big change from the flat $1.95 rate. Thank you, we appreciate your feedback. We have heard you and we agree!  So effective immediately, we have made the following changes:

Transactions up to $100 will receive a flat transaction fee of $1.95

Transactions above $100 will receive a transaction fee of 2.99% of the total

In the near future we will also be introducing ACH (Electronic Checking Account) payments that will provide an unlimited deposit amount for a minimal transaction fee.  We believe this new convenience will likely become a favorite for your families!  We will be in communication with you later this Fall when that enhancement is available.

Please note that Capistrano Unified School District is not the entity charging you these fees – K12 is an outside company that provides parents a service, should they wish to handle all payments in an online manner.

It is always completely acceptable to make payments into your students’ account through the school cafeteria or office FOR NO FEE.  Please feel free to download the prepaid form and send it in with your student – the school cafeteria is happy to process these payments directly.

Even if you choose not to make payments through the K12 Payment system, having an account with your student attached allows you to monitor their purchases by accessing the “meal history” tab next to your student’s name

Unpaid Meal Charge Policy

If a student, excluding those students who qualify for free or reduced meals, does not have money to purchase their meal the following steps will be taken:

Students will be able to charge a reimbursable meal to their account. Only meals will be charged – no a la carte items will be charged.

Parents are made aware of their child’s delinquent account balance by:

  1. Weekly automated emails and phone calls to households
  2. Food and Nutrition Services may contact households by phone.

If a household is unable to pay for their child’s meal, they are strongly encouraged to apply for free and/or reduced meals. Applications are accepted at anytime throughout the year.

Please click here for the full Unpaid Meal Charge Policy.

$1.75 Elementary
$2.00 Middle School
$2.50 High School
$3.00 Non-Student
$2.75 Elementary
$3.00 Middle School
$3.25 High School
$3.75 Non-Student

We have three convenient ways to pay for meals.  Prepaid meals are always encouraged.  This helps speed up our service and ensure that your child always has money on account for a meal.



For questions and inquiries regarding your child’s account please contact our Accounting Department.

Julie Miller949- 234-9506

Natalie Young949- 234-9507 



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