You may be seeing a new blue paper-based bottle on campus. The JUST bottle is made from 82% renewable resources, reduces carbon emissions by 74%, and is filled with 100% natural spring water.

Students from San Clemente High School partnered with Food and Nutrition Services to bring JUST into CUSD. To build enthusiasm and awareness the students from San Clemente High School teamed up with Tesoro High School to spread the word about the Plastic Free CUSD movement.

It has been an honor for Food and Nutrition Services to work with our amazing students and it just so happens Jaden Smith is JUST Water’s co-founder! Kind of cool to get a picture of our San Clemente and Tesoro High School team with Will and Jaden Smith!

JUST Water is available at all CUSD campuses! Middle and High Schools sell the 500 ML bottle for $1.25 and Elementary Schools sell the 300 ML bottle for $0.75